The fight for male equality


Tom Harris

Now here's a guy who should inspire us all, fellas - fighting back against the uppity wimmin!

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Tom Harris

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  • The fight for male equality
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Randy Stewart

Thin line between guts and stupidity!

That would be like me going into one of your cozy pubs and kicking the old timers dog that's warming itself by the fire!!! Just asking for a fight. If his wife was part of the protest, I hope he enjoys sleeping on the couch!!!:biglaugh:

Craig H.

Hi, guys

That happened about an hour from here. What a circus. The weirdos came out of the woodwork, from what I'm told.

Wonder how many men are in that Burke witch's organization.



Bare foot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. :eek:

You know there is a good reason why I went anonymous. :vfunny:

Mike S.

Happy to be Alive
Trusted Information Resource

I suppose that was about Hootie and Augusta National? What a joke! Private clubs should be able to admit, or not admit, anyone they da*m well choose. Period. Those women need a butt kickin'. It ain't discrimination against women, either. I'd wanna kick the butt of a boy who wanted to enter the Girl Scouts, or a man who wanted to enter the girl's tavern softball league in the same way. It just shows that some people just can't wait for something to bitch and complain about -- it must be what makes life worth living for them or something. JMO.:mad:

Craig H.

Yeah, Mike, I agree completely.

The result will be that Augusta National WILL NOT even consider, under any circumstances, admitting any female as a member, just to keep from giving the impression they gave in. Maybe 10 years from now, they might.

So, Burke trades what she says she wants for a few minutes of fame, and loses respect at the same time. What a joke she is.


I agree

What's up with people wanting to socialize or do business with other people who obviously don't want to socialize or do business with them? Do they think that admission to the clubs is going to be the "magic cure"??? How bizarre.

Any private organization, club, whatever, should be able to include or exclude whomever they want, on any basis they want. That's the whole deal about being private. If they aren't taking money from the government, then they should not be subject to government imposed discrimination laws.

Next there'll be men demanding to join my bunko club or attend the Girls' Lunch on Tuesdays. :) Ain't happenin' dudes. Get over it.

I have a suggestion for these clubs that find themselves faced with lawsuits that force them to accept people they don't want: establish a condition that only the selected group can accomplish. For the males-only golf course, make a condition of membership be the ability to instinctively protect the groin when a ball is tossed at them; ability to speak at a decible range unachievable by the typical female; and testosterone levels at a certain percentage without chemical assistance. These are easily measured unlike the snoring, scratching, balding, and fascination with menage a trois criteria that could also be used....


Al Dyer

I'm with you Craig, the more they are the pushed the more they will hold out, good for them. Maybe some people want to be part of a group that doesn't want them.

Although politically incorrect, these are my feelings:

Men have some men groups and should be able to attend alone.
Women have women groups and should be able to attend alone.
Men have golf clubs, Women have golf clubs.

What men want to join a ladies club?????
What women want to join a mens club?????

Although if I was allowed to use the ladies shower!!!!!!(sorry, I digress)

All I can ask is what is the big problem? Women are the most beautiful creatures on this God's Earth and deserve our respect, love, support, and undying love, just leave the golf courses alone:lick:

Al Dyer


You are talking mens equality, are you talking personal or political??? Any time Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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