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The fight for male equality


Laura M

Tee hee hee -I don't know nothin' about proportions - maybe that's why clowns are wearing big shoes!!!!!

Did I just post that? :ko: :rolleyes:
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Gordon Clarke

Re: I agree

Any private organization, club, whatever, should be able to include or exclude whomever they want, on any basis they want. That's the whole deal about being private. If they aren't taking money from the government, then they should not be subject to government imposed discrimination laws.
I think many females "fight" for the right to join male clubs just for the hell of it. I can't remember ever seing or reading about males "fighting" to join a female club.
As the five foot tall doctor said to the large woman before giving an injection, "You'll hardly feel a thing, it's only a tiny prick".

Audit Monkey

If the Augusta were an organization critical to being successful in business in the area, sure - bust heads and file lawsuits until they let women in.

But a purely social place like a golf course when there are other golf courses around. Not worth the headache, but I suppose for some people it is just a way to get on TV.

Last thing I want is for some of the guys to start joining my gals' night out. Sorry, guys, but its a "no testerone" zone. :tg:


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I think there is still some truth to the old "Watch what you ask for, it might come true" addage...:notme:

Audit Monkey

My feelings: As long as an organization is not vitally important for business success, they can discriminate all they want against whomever they want. If it is vitally important for business success, they have a legitimate legal problem. Key point - make sure your social club or golf club is not the only venue locally for business success.

Personally I would not be happy in a club where I had to force my in over member's wishes. And keep those male critters out of the Ann Arbor Women's Club, thank you very much. :)

Do any of those women who are protesting actually golf?
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