The formation of Leadership in the Workplace


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can anyone share how the leadership spirit can be formed significantly in unstandard of work environment

on aspects of leadership formation, what aspects need to be prioritized?

in developing countries such as in my country, leadership aspects are needed, the condition such as: infrastructure, work environment, employee education, and some other aspects that are relatively poor

many leadership books with theories and examples that are not relevant to the factory, I need a practical strategy to shape leadership in the factory

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Pard you've got it all wrong, leadership skills don't come from books, training programs or any of that other garbage, leadership comes from inside the individual...What you're looking at are managerial skills, leadership is a personal trait and not everyone is capable of it.


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Hi Rio.
The way I see it that Leadership is Leadership, whether it's in a factory or on a football pitch. There are core skills for a person to develop to be a leader and they can be used almost anywhere.
So I think if your reading isn't giving examples in a factory search out some that do.
A google search for "Leadership in Manufacturing" can turn up so good basics.
8 Practical and Effective Manufacturing Leadership Tips
Leadership for Manufacturing in the 21st Century | 2017-09-01 | Quality Magazine

For books I would suggest starting with W. Edwards Deming who states:
"A leader is a coach, not a judge."
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