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Some of ya'll have met me, so how quick do you think I could turn a shoelace into a weapon? Or a paperclip? And I'm a peaceful man............
I wouldn't take you on! :nope:

Half of the people manning the screening areas would slide past their hemmoroids if the real threat came along.
:thanx: :lmao: You do have a way with words, Randy. This one made my day! :lmao:

I've travelled in the USA several times, both pre-2001 and post. Gimme pre- anyday. Phew - those queues!!!!!
That's a real interesting picture...maybe in a former Soviet Republic...

Actually, I understood these were not esoteric test weapons. Simple guns, knives, etc.
Oh yeah! The blueprint was part of an RFQ. I turned it down because I didn't have open machine time in the customer's time window.

I still have a glass knife which my mom got as a wedding present in 1941 - to cut citrus and tomatoes without staining the blade (stainless steel blades were not common in 1941.)

I just tested it out on a steak and it cut as cleanly as any steak knife I ever owned. Metal detector proof! When I was in Hawaii, I noticed the historic Hawaiian weapons - shark teeth lashed to wood - very lethal, also metal detector proof.

As a gourmet chef, I lust for a ceramic knife, but it's out of even my price range (not a determined assassin's) - also metal detector proof!


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Fellow Covers,

Any Covers with "Lean Manufacturing" experience available to help streamline the "self check in process" at the airport? It now takes three times as long with the same number of gate agents as we had before..:frust::frust: I shall not name to airline...:nope:

(Burned out) gate agents direct traffic to the check in machines that are too close, jump across the counters to assist passengers that have no idea what to do, take your money for luggage, yell names to find people whose luggage tags were just printed, check your ID, etc...

I will not elaborate on what happened next, that's another story...

"We hope you enjoyed traveling with us...."


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As a process improvement and continual improvement and quality improvement is difficult to go thru Charlotte or any other airport....without shouting out free advice to the airlines and TSA. I have frequently made comments in spite of my effort to remain quiet..... I suppose the same thing would happen in Detroit with all the ISO and TS folks up there....But, they are trying....Global Entry and Pre-Check are very nice, until some terrorist brings that program to a halt.

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