The Greatness of Elsmar Cove


This Cove, is truly one of the valued treasure troves in my life. Apart from the professional aspect, I have grown fond of the people here. I have truly been blessed by making friends with so many here on Facebook. Not only do I know of their professional qualifications, they are really great people with a really great Sense of Humor.

Aside from the personal, this is such a premier site, hands-down. Just today, I needed some perspective on a particular subject. The first thing I did was go to Advanced Search and looked at tags. I knew because Marc was always so dogged about taking care of them, it would be a fruitful search.

Bam, about 8 threads came up. I picked one that had about 8 pages of responses (from 2008 to more current). All the posts- golden. Solid questions and responses. No one was fighting or being goofy; all sound threads to really give someone perspective on the subject.

My point is that above all... I appreciate all that this forum has to give. That thanks... goes to you. You, that log in everyday to help, to contribute; that type of professional community is completely unheard of elsewhere.

So I tell you thanks, from the bottom of my heart.:agree1: Keep helping; and keep being the professionals that you are.
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