The Ideal Auditee

The ideal auditee as requested by RCBeyette...

RCBeyette in the thread [url="" said:
Day one of phase II[/url]]Just as Claes started the thread on the ideal Auditor, maybe we should have one on the ideal Auditee? :vfunny: Your Auditor may be used to people arguing with him constantly and, having been in that boat before, it's a very frustrating position to be in. That does tend to put an Auditor on the defensive. Try to give him the benefit of the doubt. :)
Consider it done...

Tell us about the ideal auditee (I hate that word) and tell us why the characteristics you describe are essential. This could prove interesting...

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Knows when to shut up....kind of like the song "I need an auditee that won't drive me crazy, someone who knows the meaning of hey, hit the hiway"

Randy Stewart

Straight and to the point. Ones that show pride in what they do and don't mind sharing. I don't know if I agree with humble, JMO but I kind of like them a little cocky. Our Foundry Supervisor use to scare off the auditors, he would talk their ear off, going over composition of kirksite, what temp did to it, etc. His people had the same attitude, it was something to see. They made it seem that the auditor was insulting their intelligence by asking such mundane questions. Then on the flip side we had a guy that was cleaning a part with mineral spirits when the auditor walked up. He kept working while he answered questions and proceeded to light up a cigarette, still using the mineral spirits! When the auditor asked about flamable storage, he walked over to the cabinet and opened the door. Yes, still smoking the cigarette. After we were through I asked the guy what the sign said on the cabinet door. He looked at a little strange and said "No Smoking When Doors Are Open". He stood there a minute looking at me and I pointed to his hand. He about fell out, "Oh Man, I can't believe I did that!"
It was funny. He was so nervous he couldn't think.

Craig H.

That's easy.

Someone who completely agrees with my interpretation of whatever standard AND has successfully completely implemented that interpretation.

Also, likes steak and seafood on their expense account.


Of course, the auditor wouldn't learn anything, and neither would the auditee. Both would go happily on their way. Ideal? Why spend the money?


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Wish I could say that my list for the ideal Auditee was as comprehensive as it is for the ideal Auditor. :)

  • Doesn't throw up roadblocks to an audit - stalling for time, verbal diarreha, pointing fingers, always answering the phone, sighing dramatically, giving me the old dog-and-pony show, etc.
  • Understands that the purpose is help where possible
  • Does not take it personally (easier said than done, I know)
  • Helps out when there is misunderstanding or a lack of understanding
  • Points in the right direction when needed
  • If the boss in the area, allows Auditors to talk to the people who actually do the job
  • Open and honest about the system
  • Prompt - big problem where I work with some people, always 15 minutes behind the rest of us and that can throw a schedule out the window
  • Questioning - doesn't blindly take my word at face value, I want us both to benefit from the experience
  • Mature - nothing worse then being on the receiving end of a temper tantrum at work


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Claes Gefvenberg said:
Consider it done...

Tell us about the ideal auditee (I hate that word) and tell us why the characteristics you describe are essential. This could prove interesting...

You're a dear, Claes! Thanks!

But, out of curiousity, what word/term would you use? Victim? :vfunny:


My 2 Sense

All the confidence in his or her people & process to welcome the auditor, to understand why he or she is there, to not take it personally, who intends to take something positive from it and who will challenge the auditor if need be.

Have a day ! :bigwave:
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I have to admit that when I'm talking to some people I say "auditee" but I think "oddity." :eek:


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howste said:
I have to admit that when I'm talking to some people I say "auditee" but I think "oddity."

ROFL :vfunny: How true!!!

Claes, I tend to say things like "the person/people I spoke with", "those involved with audit" or phrases along that line...but "Auditee" is a lot more convenient with its "fastness" and it implies those terms I would usually use.

So, hey, those of you involved in this thread...what do you call your "Auditees?" And keep your responses as polite as possible! ;)
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