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The need for Strong Passwords


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Ever wonder why IT departments and such are so insistent on building the "super" passwords? Maybe this article will shed some light:

One part in particular:

This information highlights the need for very strong passwords, said Microsoft. "Even a long password (10 to 15, or even 20 characters) isn’t good enough if it’s dictionary-based", it said. "There are passwords in dictionaries that are even using special characters (for example #!comment: ), not only numbers and letters."

The most common user name used in an automated attack was 'Administrator', and the most common password was 'password'.


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Hi Brad,
Thank you for an informative post.
Strong password is good especially if its a combination of alphanumeric, caps lock letter and small letter is good however sometimes if we are rushing on some things and time we just make our password simply the word "password" as what the above-mentioned post.
It would be good if the said password can be encryted into 120 times.
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