The Need to Update / Revise Work Instructions and Procedures


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The need to update / revise Work instructions / Procedures

OK boys and girls I'm on the horns of a delima:confused:

Let's surmise (a $2 word here)that we have posted on some small ovens, used to cure circuit boards and the such, emergency work instructions / procedures.

And let's surmise (another 2 bucks here)further, that the personnel who signed these work instructions / procedures no longer work at the establishment.

And we further stipulate (new $2 word) that there have been no changes / revisions required with these work instructions / procedures.

Does anyone see or have an issue with this?


No problem, as long as they comly with the requirements stated in 4.4.5. There is no requirement to revise the document author when the original author is no longer employed at the company.

Al Dyer


Not knowing the specific structure of your documentation process I will say this:

Work instructions (level III) do not require a signature on the instruction itself. Only that it be approved and current. There are situations where due to turnover or multiple operators the situation can be covered through a training log.

Any employee operating a new machine should be trained in the work instruction with training records held by HR (or whomever).

This way when an auditor askes someone if they have been trained to perform the operation, the employee can say sure, HR has my training records.

Now if the operator is not following the instruction, Well that's for another thread.:)


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I think as long as the new operators know what they are doing, are doing it as documented, and can find the documents if asked (training and documentation) Sam and Al are probably right on the money.

But, I have a feeling that there is something here that we are not seeing, cuz it looks like a trick question to me.:eek: :biglaugh:


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What you guys have said is along my line of thinking.

What I have is emergency procedures governing actions to take when the ovens get hot, lose power , or some other thing that would effect the quality of the item being treated but presents no environmental or safety hazard. I'm only worried about the impact of these WI's on the 14K program and not the QMS.

These WI's were initially intended to be a "temp measure" only and as we know the "temp" things have a tendency to become entrenched into our way of business.



How u do dat?

Happy Holidays, Jarhead:agree:

How did you make the jump from people no longer there to "Temp" procedures. :bonk: Maybe Steelmaiden was right, there was more to be learned. Like, maybe she's peeked into your "post":biglaugh:

Like "Energy's got a great new bag":vfunny:
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