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I have really gotten a lot out of this forum and all of you who participate. I was curious, though, who all of you are and what you do. How about letting us know a little bit about you and your background?
1. Name
2. Job Title or explanation of what you do
3. Industry you're in or have been in
4. Company you work for and location
5. Length of time in quality function
6. Something personal that sets you apart
7. Your pet peeve in quality (pet peeve is a minor annoyance that can instill a great level of frustration)
8. If you could change the world of quality, what would you do?

See you down life's highway!


NOTE: This thread has so many replies it has been closed and a CONTINUATION Introduction thread is here. Please Reply in the New Introductions Thread. Thank You!
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I'll go first!

1. My name is Eric Frischmuth
2. Quality Engineer focused on quality system development.
3. Medical Device Industry
4. ETHICON Endo-Surgery, a Johnson and Johnson Company. Located in Cincinnati, OH
5. 13 years in quality and 8 in Operations. 7 years in the military before that.
6. Play guitar and raise water lilies! Got the "Greenraisin" tag in college when a friend started calling me that. I asked him why and he said, "Just how normal is a green raisin?" The rest is history!
7. My pet peeve is the lip service given to quality
8. If I could change the world of quality, I would REQUIRE rotation from operations and other functions through the quality organization or function. The best ops folks are the ones who've been through QS, QA, or QC, and the best QA folks have the scar tissue from ops!

My degree is in Business Administration.

See you down life's highway!


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1. Greg Dickie
2. Technical Manager
3. Full Service Machine shop
4. Future Tool & Machine, Greater Detroit area
5. I've been in and out of quality for 21 years
6. ?
7. The sometimes high and mighty attitude of quality people
8. The sudden disaperance of the ISO


I’ll take a shot. Some questions will be left unanswered. Some information is in the “profile” part of the forum when there is a post. That is for those who wish to provide a profile. I don’t imagine there will be a large response due to “privacy” issues. I could be wrong. Here goes:
1. Profile
2. Quality Assurance & Environmental Compliance Manager
3. Aircraft (Most Systems), Submarine Life Support Equipment, Water Treatment-Purification Systems
4. Profile
5. 35 years, yea..a long time
6. Started as an inspector in the Jurassic Period and received ever increasing responsibilities in the quality arena. Probably not so strange.
7. No support from Management in Quality initiatives unless an external audit was on the horizon
8. “Everyone” would be made accountable for their functions and their effect on the Quality System

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
1. Yes, that is my real name. Although it is Irish, I am a mix of Russian, German, and Polish but no Irish blood in my system (unless Irish beer qualifies for blood?)

2. Quality Manager for Thule in CT and I oversee the QMS in both our US manufacturing facilities (Ill). I have done some consulting work, but mostly just for friends and their referrals.

3. Roof Racks and Accessories for Automobiles. I worked in the Medical Device world too, once upon a time at US Surgical Corporation.

4. Noted above.

5. 12 years as: Senior Technician, Quality Engineer, Quality Manager.

6. Not really sure that I am much different than anyone else. Nothing distinctive that I know of.

7. Senior Management’s separation of the Quality & Business Systems and lack of Quality Concepts.

8. I would help folks to discover and learn Dr. Deming’s SoPK.

Al Dyer

1. Name

Alistair Stuart Dyer (Scottish)

2. Job Title or explanation of what you do

Consultant/Lead Internal Auditor/Management Representative. Work for a company that allows me to do outside consulting.

3. Industry you're in or have been in

All tier II B3 Automotive (started at the bottom)

4. Company you work for and location

Various, commute from Michigan to mid-Ohio for main company I work out of.

5. Length of time in quality function

Too Many!!! (23 years)

6. Something personal that sets you apart

Adaptability/no hair

7. Your pet peeve in quality


8. If you could change the world of quality, what would you do?

Attack Over. Get rid of the term quality system and replace it with a term like management system, or manufacturing system, or business system.

Influence schools to teach courses in cause and effect, prevention vs detection, root cause analysis etc.... They all affect how we live our everyday lives and are not limited to the umbrella of quality systems.


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OK, I'll give out some info that set me really apart from you wimpy types.

1. Randy Daily

2. I am an ESH Professional working in a safety office on a US Army installation as a contractor.

3. The industry I started in would now be called nation building...I served as an infantryman in the Marines. I then went into the Army Reserve as a member of Special Forces (yep I wore a green beenie)and retired from the National Guard with about 28.5 years service. I am a former police officer from Arkansas spent 11.5 years with Lockheed as an aircraft mechanic (licensed A&P). I worked for ITT Industries in Environmental Safety where I got introduced with ISO 9000 and jumped on the 14000 bandwagon and got myself RAB certified as a Lead Auditor (not easy).

4. I now work for Charis Corporation as a Safety Specialist in the Ft.Irwin safety office (I hate it..the job not the company).

5. I started in Quality in 1990 with Lockheed as an Inspector.

6. My bullet and knife wounds which mean I don't scare real easy or get intimidated either.

7. How people tend to fake it and claim a good job.

8. Hold folks more accountable with a 34" Louisville Slugger
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OK - I'll nibble a little -

1. Name - Carol X. (yes, my last name starts with an x)
2. Job Title - Quality Assurance Manager
3. Industry - Currently: Sheet Metal Fabrication
4. Job Shop north of Chicago
5. Length of time in quality function - OUCH - 23 years
6. Something personal that sets you apart - hardest working mom - I have 5 kids - ages 6 months to 18 years
7. Your pet peeve in quality - lip service and fads
8. If you could change the world of quality, what would you do? - eliminate it - companies are going to make good or bad product iregardless of what we do - I say let them sink or swim on their own (I know, that would put me out of a job)


I'll give this a shot.

Freeda Hoeweler (very German)

Job Title or explanation of what you do:
My job title is Quality Engineering Technician, which is not representive of what I do. I pretty much maintain our QS registration. I am pretty much your average pee-on.

Industry your in or have been in:

We make metal and plastic components for a variety of different companies. Both automotive and non-automotive.

Company you work for & location:
I work for a machine shop in Southern Indiana (across the river from Louisville, KY). We occupy the old Louisville Slugger factory. Yes, until 5 years ago Louisville Slugger bats were made in Indiana.

Length of time in quality function: Unlike most you, I have pretty much started in the quality game. I have been in it for only 6 years.

Something personal that sets you apart: Not too much except, I am very tall and have a lot of red hair.

Your pet peeve in quality: My pet peeve is that upper management thinks that quality is the responsibility of the quality department. When they don't hold the mfg. department accountable for the quality of the parts they run.

If you could change the world of quality, what would you do: I'll have to get back with you on that one.

Dan De Yarman

Don't believe I'll be able to top Randy, but here it goes.

1. Name: Daniel Edward De Yarman (French, well De Yarman is anyway)

2. Job title: Quality Assurance Coordinator - All the responsibility and none of the authority of the Management Representative.

3. Industry: Custom Automated Industrial Machinery

4. Company and location: Acro Automation Systems, Inc. (QS-9000 TE registered) - Glendale (suburb of Milwaukee), WI

5. Time in quality: grueling, almost two years

6. What sets me apart (condensed version): I am a Christian, which helps me to realize there are more important things in life than "quality assurance". I am quite young, only 25(as of last week), and have no college degree. I was offered this position after a registrar and consultant had been picked and it was my job to make sure we got registered. We did so in a little over a year. I pretty much learned as I went along. Took a few good courses along the way, though.

7. Pet peeve: Lack of management support or management turning a deaf ear to what is really going on (penny wise, dollar stupid).

8. What I would change: Put everybody in someone else's shoes for one week so they can see how there actions or lack there of make a difference, not just in terms of quality, but of the bottom line.

I also appreciate this website, I've learned a lot from all of you here. And I will continue to contribute my knowledge and adivce for as long as I am in the quality arena.
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