The Passing of John Glenn - December 2016


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A Weekend Thought...

I was going through some old threads and thinking back to when I first got into quality assurance in the 1980's. As I get older and so much of quality assurance these days seems so - Well, simple, I realize that the years have instilled in my "nature" so many of the basics of quality assurance, of basic quality assurance systems, theories, discussions, etc. that they come as second nature.

In doing some "remembrance" searches I looked up MIL-Q-9858 and this thread popped up on Google (I thought that MIL-Q-9858A, MIL-I-45208A and MIL-STD-45662 were obsolete), as did a presentation from 2002 by Jack Fletcher who recently retired. Jack goes back to the early days of NASA before space flight became a taken for granted goal to how I se it now - It's just a business. Jack is on Linkedin, by the way:

So - Why this post? In part because as I approach 70 I tend to look back more and realize I am winding down in enthusiasm. When one is younger it's "Full Steam Ahead". Just like I look back over the 20 plus years Elsmar has been online, not counting the unfortunate "down time" of 10 months off line somewhat recently, and remember all the time and effort I put into Elsmar when the internet was relatively speaking quite young. Elsmar was its self much more "personal" and there were many more "regulars" who were involved and interested. This all pre-dates Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter and what to me has been the corporate take over of the internet, for better or worse.

Anyway - Call these rambling thoughts my tribute to John Glenn, his passing, and how things were before space flights were "just business". The times, they are a changin' - B Dylan


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I can't help but compare Glenn and today's college students who call for "safe spaces." What a difference in risk perspective. How will we progress from here without people like John Glenn?
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