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The Passing of Steve Jobs - The World Mourns


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Of all the memorials and tributes, I'm not sure I found one any greater than at the Apple Site:

I still remember going to the Apple Store with my mom and dad to pick up my Apple IIe. I had no idea really, about what an Apple was or what the value was of them. Little did I know.

Looking back, I am truly in awe of how much that computer could do off of 5 1/2 inch disks and 128K of memory. It helped me get through college, typing all my papers and such, helped keep our basic finances, and played some pretty decent games on them; especially compared to todays technology and machines.

If someone is not aware of the loss that the technology world just suffered, you are encouraged to read about Apple products and the absolute visionary that was at the helm of it all: The Man known as Steve.

R.I.P. my friend. Your body may be gone, but we will never forget you or your contributions.
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Steve Jobs - RIP 5 October 2011

As I'm sure everyone in the world knows by now, Steve Jobs died yesterday. I'll leave the obituary to the thousands of sites reporting on it.

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Re: Steve Jobs - RIP 5 October 2011

Though I should have known better to be surprised to hear of his passing yesterday, I still was.

I don't own any Apple equipment and never have, but I got what I'll call a tech twitch ("") when my CB auditor for 14001/18001 showed me her iPad. She was already hankering for the iPad2.

Even though I own nothing with the Apple logo on it, my husband ponts out that each of us whose computer has a mouse has been affected by Steve Jobs and his ingenuity.

RIP Steve. A giant among men.


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Re: The Passing of Steve Jobs- The World Mourns

Sorry - I missed your post. I started typing mine and then someone stopped by so I didn't hit the Post button until he left about 20 minutes later. So it goes.

I'm sure Woz will give a statement. Gates has given his condolences already.


Steve Jobs died!

Steve jobs died, he was the founder of products are being used by so many of us, trigger the action for new research and further push the technology to the higher level.
how does his death affect our lifes?
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