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The "Reading Room" forum is still here


Captain Nice
Staff member
As a quick reminder, The "Reading Room" forum is still here...

If you want to share a "white paper" or other informational write-up by all means, share it with us!

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
After a few months I would like to perhaps write something (no kiss and tell memoirs though) about how people are faring with the transition and certification to the revised standards.

It will take me longer than a few months, but I'm working on a kiss-and-tell murder mystery. The protagonist is an under-supported QA manager by day, and a private detective in his free time.

This enables he and his wife to live clandestinely in the back of a small office space by the beach, the only manner in which a beach lifestyle can be afforded by a Quality Assurance professional.

He has difficulty following vehicles because the motorcycle he rides is so distinctive.


Ronen E

Problem Solver
Staff member
Super Moderator
I think that the upcoming EU MDR (to be formally released in a month or two) will make a great writing stock for many sob stories. Stay tuned.
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