The Sebaly Brothers, etc.



From Richard Orton:

Wow! What a website!

I dont have time right now to look at it all but I sure will later today at home. I was there for the first 4 week session in 1957. I remember the Buckinghams and my counselor was Kim Seably. I also remember the name of one other camper, John Church from Midland. Look forward to reading more carefully, your information.

I now live in Southern California.

Great Job

Richard Orton

Running Dear,

What a memeory you have. I was at Camp Tosebo for just on 4 week session in
1957 when I was 10, and your account brought back lots of memories about things
I'd forgotten long ago. My Mom still has the camp pictures taken by the
professional photographer I assume cam every summer. 8x10 b&w pix they're really
kinda cool. I think I might have taken my own brownie up there but I didnt take
many pictures.

I had a good time at Tosebo but I was glad to get home after 4 weeks, in the
57 Chevy my parents had bought while I was away.

I remember Ross Taylor coming to our house in Detroit with a movie projector
showing movies of Camp Tosebo the winter we were selecting a camp for me. His
brother was named Noble and that is my middle name. I never heard of anyone
else with that as a "name".

My counseler was one of the Seablys, I dont remember if it was Kim or John.
The only names I recall of fellow campers are John Church, a short red headed
guy from Midland, Steve Buckingham, whom I later met in college and "Doc"
Campbell from East Detroit.

One guy in our cabin must have been pretty rich. I think he was from Oak
Park, Ill and his family sailed up from Chicago in a beautiful cabin cruiser,
sailed right into Portage Lake.

Other family members of his drove up in a 1957 Ford Skyliner, the retractable
hard top.

Thanks for sharing your memories of Tosebo, many of them are my memories too.

Your fellow camper,

Dick Orton
Santa Monica

If I had a camp name, such as "Running Dear", I regretfully dont remember it.
I'd like to know. If you got a list from 1957 it would be fun to know what it

In fact I started looking last night for the album with the Tosebo pictures in it (there's only maybe 5) but there's a cool shot of my Sebly (Jon or Kim) counselor and my Mom in front of the 57 Chevy and another of John Church in the forest.

You sure got a great website. Do you do that for a living?

Your fellow camper...

Richard Orton

> Dick,
> I well remember there being a "Ford Hard-top Convertible" there one summer.
> Light Green and white as I recall.
> I had John Sebly as a counselor my first year, in cabin #4 & #6, and had his
> brother, Kim, my last year in Tent #1. It seems like during my second year,
> the scheduled "Athletic" Counselor broke his ankle playing baseball early in
> the summer, and Jon quick got his brother, Kim, on the staff.
> If you can, try to get your camp pictures scanned, and sent to Marc Smith
> for posting with the others. We'd all appreciate them. I, too, took a
> "Brownie Hawkeye" camera to Tosebo, with only one roll of film ever being
> developed - and those of un-known campers sticking their tongues out!
> - Bob "Running Deer" Hausser

From Larry Meyer:


Your memory isn't quite accurate. John Sebaly became a counselor in 1956, about a week into the camp session when a lakefront counselor named Mintz (I think it was John, but I'm not sure), sprained his ankle during a ballgame. Mintz then proceeded to languish in the infirmary. Ross Taylor went up one day, after Mintz had been there a couple of days, and asked him when he was going to get out of bed and get back to work. (Mintz as I recall was a lakefront counselor and not much of a ballplayer, which was important to me because I was the Chippewa chief and my major league baseball team needed a good player. Mintz was a Chippewa). So, when Mintz allowed as how he didn't see himself getting out of bed any time soon, Ross made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

A few days later, I was doing something on the Hill in mid-aftenoon when a guy wearing a sweat shirt with no sleeves came wandering up the path. It was John. He said he was the new athletic counselor. (Moose, who had been the athletic counselor, had moved to the lake to replace Mintz).

I asked John if he could play ball. He said yes, and I said, good, because you'll be my shortstop. John and I got along great and Kim, who became a close friend, came the next summer, along with Don Kilgore, the dramatics counselor. The following summer, 1958, John supplied most of the counseling staff, including Bob Galloway, the riding counselor, Kim, Guido Casari and Tom Dietrich, the craft counselor.

That's the way it was.


...and, from Mark O'Reilly:

Re: the latest remininscence, I that that John Sebaly was actually Jon--don't know how I remember that. And Bob Galloway's nickname was "Beeg" for BG. Mark O'Reilly
Elsmar Forum Sponsor

Strong Bow

Again thanks to the Internet the Sebaly brothers have been found by me and both have been added to the directory list that I'm working on. Didn't know Jon, but Kim was "Land Sports" counselor in 60 and 61
Dave Wallace
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