The usefullness of TL 9000 - The key to TL9000 is metrics


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From: ISO Standards Discussion
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 12:19:28 -0500
Subject: Re: COMMENT: TL 9000 /../Taormina/Baxter/Lambert

From: "Lambert, Ron" -

The key to TL 9000 is metrics. This is what differentiates it from other industry imposed requirements IMHO.

The product metric data is reported to you by your customer (s). Your product life cycle model describes the internal processes you use to correct deficiencies and make improvements.

Those of us in the industry are used to meeting most of the requirements ( 87 adders onto ISO-9001) including metric reporting.

Having a double blind method of reporting metrics from all suppliers within the industry should have a positive impact on motivating quality improvement.

The unknown in this equation in my mind is the involvement of the Registrar.

I remember the beginning of ISO 9001 in the chemical industry and how it took before Registrar's realized how important it was to be a process expert in addition to being a good auditor. The leaning curve will be steep. Again IMHO.

Ron Lambert

> From: Warren Baxter
> I agree with Tom Taormina in supporting the usefulness of TL9000 within the
> Telecommunications industry. It has same value as the automotive QS and
> aerospace AS standards, built on the ISO9000 foundation. The usual comment
> must be made: the effectiveness and real value of any quality system depends
> on how it is configured, implemented and utilized by a business. The same
> fundamental quality system can be nothing more than an overhead expense and a
> bureaucratic pain.......or it can a very powerful and
> effective make the choice when you develop and implement.
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