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My fellow Covers,

It is with both great joy :D and great despair :( that I must bid you all farewell.

I am leaving the world of Quality.

A few months ago, I was contemplating moving on to a new company, as I was getting bored. You see, I am one of those types that bores after about 3 years of doing the same thing. Well, I am 3 years into this ISO thing, and 9 years with this employer, and bored to death!!! LOL.

So I came up with 2 choices…find a new company and stay in Quality, or find a new job within my company. Well, that can be a tough one in a small organization, but…..I succeeded and in a couple of weeks I move into Engineering.

On a professional level, I won't have much need for the Cove. But on a personal level…I will miss you all very much. Perhaps I will get in for a visit now and again, but…............need I say more.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication. Our field is full of the best of the best!!!! I mean c'mon, we lead by example!!!!

It has been an honor to serve.




Jimmy Olson


Good luck in your new field and I do hope that you stick around at least a bit.

Craig H.


I hope that your new position is full of challenges and happiness. Even in Engineering there are quality issues, so please remember where we are and come in for a visit!!



May your new position be exciting, and fun!

The bad news is that you are NOT authorized to leave! This place is like the Hotel can check out anytime you wish, but you can never leave. (unless Marc says so)

Cari Spears

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Our loss is their Engineering Dept's gain!! I look forward to your occasional visits - and wish you the best in your new position!!


HUH??? Say it ain't so!!!

As with the others I wish you the best of luck in your new position.

Please do hang around though.
Your experience and insights are right on. Besides you may be able to bring a new "engineering" angle to some of the dicussions.
We Can all learn from different perspecitives.


No, no, no, no... Whoa....:eek: James said it well. Stay with us Carol, and tell us about your new gig and the quality aspects of it. You know as well as we do that they will be there.

You never truly leave the quality arena, you know.... Anyway: Best of luck. :bigwave: :agree:



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Hehe, you think you can get out that easily, eh? Remember that ISO's about running the business, not just quality. I'm sure we'll still see you around... I hope. :D



Best of luck with your new position. Pleaseee continue to visit and offer your expert opinion. Some of us newbies REALLY need the help. :bigwave:



Trusted Information Resource Dave can never really leave.

But that is the one thing that has me really excited about this new gig. A chance to educate the people at the front end of the process. And, my replacement is one of my former employees....he left a few years ago because he wanted to move up, and saw that he couldn't as long as I was in this position. So he has been out implementing at another company. I see it as a fresh set of eyes on our system.

The real benefit here....I get to really beat up on those Engineers!!!!!!

Thanks all, I'll be around till the end of the week.

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