ThinkFree Office Suite and Star Office


Fully vaccinated are you?
Check it out at -->

Simple, cheap, easy to use and versatile. Give it a try. All platforms. Imports / exports Office files including Powerpoint files. Not perfect, but it's getting there. I'm doing the 30 day demo on my Mac.

And don't forget StarOffice -->
The only 'other' multiple application office program suite alturnative so far...


To interested users

I changed over to a linux platform, with staroffice 5.2,
It's powerful stuff. Dirt Cheap Too! I'm still in a learning cycle, but looking forward to a 6.0 Release.

We are planning to change all the boxes to linux, except for maybe two (software application requirements).
The company president & information system both desire a reliable linux/unix platform system, but this was not possible until recently.
My advise is look into it, it fitting my needs.
We bought this one in a suse package

Have fun!

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