Third Complete Revised Edition of VDA Volume 2 (1998)



Can anyone please suggest where I can get an english version of the third complete revised Edition of "VDA Volume 2" (1998).
Our new German customer is recommending that we purchase this to assist with ISIR, Consitituenst of purchased parts (point 14 of our checklist) and Material Data Sheet according to VDA.

Your assistance is very much appreciated.


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As Dave said this is the link and if your german is not so good click on (broken link removed)(broken link removed)

There is an English version of the list but
Volume 2
Quality Assurance of Supplies
- Production Process and Product Approval/Quality Assurance Agreements -
(not available)

(broken link removed)
I think that it is out of print as I have an English copy which I bought from here.
Apart from different forms the demands are not so different from PPAP
Attached are the forms


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Re: Seeking: Third Complete Revised Edition of VDA Volume 2 (1998)

Can anybody send me the latest version of VDA 2.I recognized our company is using quite old form and need to have it to be able to follow german automaker's standards.
Thanks in advance for exel (word) version.


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Re: Seeking: Third Complete Revised Edition of VDA Volume 2 (1998)

Welcome to the posting side of the cove.

If you are looking for the VDA 2 manual. It is copyrighted, you will not find it here.
The latest version is from 2004. It is available on the vda site as mentioned in the previous posts. Your German does not have to be good because you can switch over to English. An English version of the manual is available there for approx 30 Euro ( approx 25 dollars ).

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Re: Seeking: Third Complete Revised Edition of VDA Volume 2 (1998)

If the above doesn't help, here is a link that has manuals from 23 countries.
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anyone know it(VDA.EMPB.xls) is password for remove page protection ı could not change some points

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