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This is new...

I have never even considered starting a blog before, so I'm not really sure what I'm doing here. Still, here goes:

I just thought I'd try a running commentary about what goes on in Sweden in general, and Eskilstuna in particular. Speaking of which: I have added a few Eskilstuna pictures to my albums. :evidence: Have a look.

There are a lot of red faces to be seen here at the moment. It's not that we're embarassed or anything, but we enjoyed summer temperatures and a scorching sun during the weekend. As a result, more or less all hands spent it pottering in their gardens, barbecuing, weeding, walking in the woods and what have you. Naturally we all got a bit too much sun, and now we're doing our level best to outshine each other. :D

This morning things took a turn for the worse however: It was well below freezing in the early hours. I do hope that that is not going to last...



Captain Nice
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Check your Blog Control Panel. You can set up 'Categories' there.

This is kinda nifty. I doubt there will be many people interested in blogging here, but you never know!
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