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It's hilarious that the author info blurb for an essay about the particular value of a specialty-forum does not provide a link to a thread in that specialty-forum for commenting on the essay subject.

Edit much, TPM?

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I guess what I've taken away from this article is that everyone has their own definition of what is meaningful to them - people are different and naturally need different amounts of validation to make them feel special or important, and these preferences are always subject change with shifts in the cultural, technological and generational divide. For some, I guess their use of social media propels within them a lack of confidence and self-esteem; for others it would seem to provide them with a sense of validation and/or reputation. Output matters to everyone....and everyone else, no matter what it accomplishes.

I've always believed the strength of one's communication abilities to be simply a matter of preference for (and availability of) the medium used, tempered with a desire to be heard, and always driven by ambition or purpose. This theory should hold true to everyone ranging from educated scholars to the average internet troll.

Brian :rolleyes:
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