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Three Combined Systems - An IQMS if you will - OHSAS 18000, TS 16949 and ISO 14001


IEGeek - 2006

Good morning from the land of fruits and nuts.

We (the company) have been given several directives by several different customers. We are currently ISO9k certified with our TS certification audit being conducted at the end of Jan. 2005 (like in two weeks)

We have been tasked to get our ISO14K cert by two different customers, so we will. We have also been tasked to get OHSAS18K cert on a recommendation (not a requirement) from our Worker's Comp group. Further, we have had another one of our customers ask if we could get a Lloyds certification. We are a new affiliate of an old company and we have been lacking in several of these areas.

I am familair with 14K and 18K, not so much with Lloyds.

Realizing the daunting task ahead of me, can I do all three at the same time? I would only have to rewrite my Quality policy once that way. Can they all be combined? Can my TS registrar do both 14K and 18K at the same time for certification? I know Lloyds is seperate. Has anyone seen this done? I thought at first the GM was just certificate happy, but they are real requirements from paying customers. (this job would be so much easier if it weren't for these pesky customers)

Any advice, input, suggestion, comments are greatly appreciated as this is in it's infancy.

Thanks to all


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Hi, IEGeek.

Try doing a search on "integrated systems" using the search function available to you in the Cove. That will come up with a few hits for you to peruse.

You need to check the qualifications of your Registrar. They may specialize only in TS, but if 14K, 18K, Lloyds, etc. is in the list of their services, great! :agree1: Talk with them at that point about merging audits.

Just a thought, though....IQMS?!?! With all that is coming down the pipe, IBMS...or simply BMS would be best used in my opinion. Business Management System. It's not just the quality of the product, it's the ability to meet all requirements (e.g., product, service, regulatory, statutory, etc.) for all the Stakeholders (e.g., Customer, Employee, Shareholder, Community, Supplier).


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Piece of cake, except when some bonehead will try to complicate matters.

Lloyd's is an excellant choice (or requirement) as would be any one of many others to include the one I work for.

I would suggest that unless it is an absolute requirement of your customer and an unpardonable sin to do otherwise than using Lloyds, to see what other registration bodies may have to offer.
IEGeek said:
Can they all be combined?
We have to have separate audit activity (registration and surveillance) for the QMS and EMS since RAB governs the QMS (ISO/AS) and UKAS governs the EMS. Our registrar works with both bodies, but the audits can’t be done simultaneously…………… they tell me.

Integrate your systems as much as possible, by all means.

“BMS” is a good suggestion.


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The TS is somewhat more specific than the 14 and 18, but I don't know of a reason why they can't be done simultaniously and if there isn't my company as well as Sidney's and some others can make that happen. Of course I'd like to pursuade you to coming over to us (check my profile for the info), but I'd be less than honest if I didn't say that many of our competitors could do you a good job as well.

Kevin H

re: Combined Audits

Our auditor, an independent employed by LRQA, has been approached by 1 of the other registrars he works with to expand his auditing credentials to include ISO 14000. He is currently qualified to perform ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949, and QS-9000 audits. His other employer perceives value added to the customer by being able to perform combined EMS and QMS audits. So, I'd say there is a market developing out there and some people and registrars are taking steps to meet that market.

One question IE Geek, by Lloyd's doe you mean as a registrar (LRQA), or are you referring to their activities as an insurer for ships? I can remember in the late 70's having to schedule joint visits by both ABS (American Bureau of Ships?) and Lloyd's to observe tensile tests being pulled for heat treated material destined to become propeller shafts in ships. It was a royal pain in the :ca: trying to get the representatives from both insurers in at the same time to observe the actual test.

IEGeek - 2006

Thanks for your responses. I guess I was after the integrating of the systems, more so than the combining of the audits. I have read a few quality manuals in the past few days from various companies and some have integrated 9k and 14K and others have integrated 9k and (whatever) but I have yet to read one (or hear of one) that combines 9k, 14k, 18k and whatever else in the actual policy. Lelsmarci Transportation actually has a manual posted that looks to incorporate all but it is written almost as a response to the TS standard.

The section in TS (0.4) Compatability with other management systems - it states it is aligned to work with ISO14001:1996 in order to blah blah blah, then it goes on to say it is POSSIBLE to adapt or align or integrate with RELATED management system requirements.

My fear is we get all these certifications and they look great, but now we have lost sight of our orginal TS16949 by adding in all this other stuff.

IEGeek - 2006

Lloyds as a registrar. They are marine parts, but not with the insurer. Funny story they both (Registrar and Insurer) got their name from a bar that the old salty mariners used to hang out in back in the 1700's. :bonk:


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We got clients with 9, 14 & 18K certs as do many other registration bodies. I know Lloyds, DNV and a few others have them as well. No big deal or secret here.
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