Three Romeos, a Juliet and DOE


Atul Khandekar


I want to share with you this entertaining story about how three young students discovered the power of DOE trying to win over the heart of the damsel of their dreams!

My colleague Ravi Khare (also a Cove member) narrates this episode out of his youthful days, and how it related to his training in DOE in later years.

I am sure you will enjoy the story and appreciate the basic principles of DOE that it conveys.

So here goes:
Three Romeos and A Juliet - Our early brush with Design of Experiments:

Please feel free to email your criticism / appreciation to Ravi or to me.


PS:This article was featured in the July 2002 issue of SymphonyTech Featured Articles.
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M Greenaway

I think either Naren or Ravi should have taken the initiative and swept Renu of her feet and gone to live in Boston.
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