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Time Involed for QS Coordinator

This is my first time.
I am a QS Coordinator for a Heat Treating Company. The President of our company would like to know how much free time I will have after the Registration Audit is all cleaned up. We will have this Audit January 25th & 26th. I believe he is under the impression I will have around 30 hrs a week to spend on other things. Any one have any Idea? I think I know the answer.

Laura M

How big is the company?

What other support do you have?

Sometimes the maintenance of the system is harder than the initial.

Are people catching on, or are you force feeding?

I don't know that there is one answer, but I wouldn't bank on 30 hours/week being free.

Al Dyer

I think you will be lucky if you can do what has to be done for the upkeep of the system in 30 hours per week.

If the President thinks you will have 30 "free" hours, you might be working 60 hour weeks. :(

The registration is the easy part, improving and keeping the registration is the real job!


Al Dyer
Mngt. Rep.
[email protected]


Captain Nice
Staff member
My questions are the same as Laura's - How many people in your company, etc. In some compaines there's not much to do to keep QS alive. But then again, what are your total duties as QS coordinator? Do you have to track projects or just keep documentation streight or what?
Well, we have 89 to 100 employees, right now business has slowed so we are at the lower end.

The Old boys network here are being force feed must of this stuff, and they are the ones that keep adding doumentation to this system. The 30 somethings get it easily and work the system with out problems.

Is this informative?
I have had a consultant, but my boss is starting to beleive that all the has happened is that we have gotten bogged down with paperwork by this guy.

We are working with dos based shipping, recieving and invoising programs, not intergrated. They also do manual shipping and receiving. They do one thing many different ways and this makes it very hard to write.

Jim Biz

This reads as thought we are both in the same situation - We have 125 people here(currently) but often as many as 165.

My work-week time "after 2 years ISO registration"

"Normal week" 30 -35 hours(40-45) more weeks than not... as out system matures - I would hope in the long term I could reduce my work week ISO/other "free" time duties to a 50/50 split. (time spent on internal audit, corrective action, and documentation issues)

If your shop floor (AND/OR Management folks) continue to do the same tasks - in multiple ways - they are adding to the time you will need -- rewrite time - or spend your "free" time doing internal consulting & training...

:: What other duties would you have that are more important than maintaining a newly registered Management system ::

Thanks Jim.

That is what I thought. Now I just have to figure out how to brake it to him. I am 1½ weeks from my registration audit and they want to talk cutting back the system, (talk about making more work)and finding ways to stream line. Maybe even droping QS 9000 all together and just hold on to the ISO registration so we are not so tied down, but we now have 4 customers who are requiring QS and one (Delphi) who requires section II, I don't know how they can go back.

Jim Biz

Did I read this correctly: :)

"1-1/2 weeks from registration audit and "talk about" dropping it: :) ?

Frankly "additional" efforts to upgrade from ISO to QS should be adaptable as additions to your current system. Unless it is a "paper hanging effort only" (which is not uncommon)

If the "boss" hasn't recognized the benis so far - you may need to start listing improvements as a reminder.

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