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Hey Y'all!

I have worked for a ISO 9001 company for 6 years now. 3 years as shipping clerk, 3 years in quality as a in-process inspector. This morning i was offered the quality manager position as the current manager is leaving.

Anyone have any advice for me as a first time manager? Any good reading materials you can share would be greatly appreciated

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Spend as much time as you can with the current manager and find out what they do and what's expected of you.

I'd recommend Out of the Crisis and How to Win Friends and Influence People as good reading.

Best of luck to you.


Will you have subordinates reporting to you? Are they former peers?

Yes. 6 of my fellow inspectors will now be under me. We all get along great. Few things I was asked to fix is run charts being copy and pasted causing info and specs to be mixed or missing.

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Congratulations on your promotion!

Bookmark this site - it is an EXCELLENT resource. The breadth and depth of knowledge here is remarkable.

Managing former peers can be tricky - be careful there, and seek advice from a mentor when needed.

80% of managing people is treating other people the way you'd like to be treated.

Maintain impeccible integrity. Never fudge data.

Stay humble, communicate with your team often, and remember accomplishments are by "we" not "me".

Help your team members to grow. Make it almost unnoticeable when you aren't there because your team is capable.

Find healthy ways to manage the inevitable stress.

Keep learning.

Reading material in no particular order:

Understanding Variation by Dr. Donald Wheeler, and tons of free articles available by him on his website and in Quality Digest
In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman
Data Sanity by Davis Balestracci


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Hi Getinspecs,

First congrats...echoing and adding to the wealth of knowledge and wisdom above...I can ADD from my experience, the following attribute is a bit more difficult to come by or accumulate. With all the above knowledge and wisdom in hand, frequently in the "corporate environment", one's success or ability to prevail...can hinge upon a good measure of (cleaned up/edited for this site) "intestinal fortitude". From Webster some synonyms:..." courage, courageousness, daring, daringness, dauntlessness, fearlessness, gallantry, guts..."

Hope this helps...


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I am new in a bigger company and is hard because **im the new guy** and as a manager i suppose to don't ask questions, but every company is different. As quality manager you have to: maintain your quality management system, help your inspectors, talk to customers when there are NCRS, talk to suppliers. And much more things. And if your company is old style using excell spreadsheets instead of programs, good luck.


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If you are now overseeing processes or manufacturing you didnt have anything to do with before go learn them with the experinced guys running them even if its only reading through their instructions or jobcard with them. It gives you a mini audit and an understanding of what they actually do, before you turn up at some point saying they are doing it wrong. I had the joy of starting on the shopfloor here and i can run all the plant so i cant be told i dont know what im doing (all of the time i am fallible lol). Ask questions i'd rather look an idiot for 30 seconds than be an idiot forever if that makes sense.
When you need to make a descision dont be forced into it if a lines stopped and it needs more investigation make sure you do it and get the people who are trying force you into your descision help with it, they will either dissapear or assist.
And never take it home
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