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Title - Registered Visitor 'Titles' - How to and What is and isn't allowed


Captain Nice
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Title - Registered Visitor 'Titles' - What is and isn't allowed.

If you put in an 'Avatar', it will look something like this (my custom user title is 'Your Elsmar Cove Host'):

The forum software is based on 'permissions' which are defined for each 'user group'.

Until you have 10 posts as a Registered Visitor there are some restrictions in accessing some aspects of the forum software. One of these is your Forum 'Title' will not be editable.

Not allowed:
1. Religious or political 'statements'
2. Email address
3. Company name

*NOTE 1: A Company name *may* be allowed in some circumstances. Please understand the intent, which is to limit advertising (self promotion) by individuals (such as consultant or other 'sellers'). Some people are grandfathered in as of the date of this policy being established as decided by myself and/or the moderators.

*NOTE 2: When someone has a sufficient number of posts, say over 100, in which they help people with answers to their questions, the person *may* qualify to put in their company name. The Moderators and I reserve the right to make any determination or whether a person has earned the privilege of putting their company name in as their User Title. Anyone who wants to use a company name as their User Title *MUST* request approval first.

4. Web Site name and/or URL

If in doubt, please ASK.
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