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TL9000 (Telecommunications) - Availability of the Standard


Captain Nice
Staff member
TL 9000 (Telecommunications) - Availability of the Standard

Subject: RE: Q: Availability of the TL 9000 (TL9000) Standard

I received this update on the TL9000 standard availability from Janet Jacobsen of the RAB. She asked me to pass along this information:


Over the last few days I've been receiving a number of e-mails requesting copies of the TL 9000 documents.

Unfortunately, RAB no longer has the most current TL 9000 documents. The QuEST Forum has requested the ANSI-RAB National Accreditation Program to establish a process for the accreditation of its registrars to offer registration to the TL 9000 requirements. To aid in the evaluation of QuEST's request, ANSI and RAB sought public comment until Dec. 7, 1998, on the TL 9000 requirements.

Two things have since happened: the comment period has ended and the QuEST Forum has revised the documents, so RAB no longer has the most current information.

I spoke yesterday with one of the QuEST leaders and he tells me that a new draft edition will be available shortly (probably for purchase). Once I get that information I will respond to the e-mails that I've received.

In the mean time, you would be doing me a great favor if you could post a new message to the discussion group to relay this information. I will also let you know what my QuEST contact tells me regarding the new order information.

Janet Jacobsen
RAB Communications Manager


Captain Nice
Staff member
Subject: Re: Q: Availability of the TL 9000 Standard? /Paris/Lambert/Stein

>Subject: RE: Q: Availability of the TL 9000 Standard? /Smith/Lambert
>I visited the site and it's not at all clear how you make a request for a
>copy of TL9000. Could you be more specific regarding the method of submitting
>a request to RAB ?
>Ron Lambert
>Internal audit manager

1) RAB is not responsible for TL 9000. They do not maintain ANY standards themselves. TL 9000 is the responsibility of Questforum, whose site you were referred to.

2) The TL 9000 document is not yet available to the user public. It is still in draft form

3) Most 9000 series standards are copyright by their respective secretariats and are not available on the web or in machine form. They charge lots of money for them, and that's how they support the standards-writing process. I don't know what will happen in that regard with TL.

4) The website you visited is all there is at the moment unless you contact a committee member - and I don't know whether they could get you a copy of the draft or not.

Philip Stein

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
One of the registrars I work with is holding TL-9000 training for its auditors, I have a copy coming....so does that mean it is official now? I am waiting anxiously to see the implications as I have several TL type companies that will no doubt want to comply, if not be registered to it. I have not seen a draft, what am I in for?

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
its the telecommunication industry take on ISO 9000....they are adding their own as did the QS and AS and SD people.....Apparently Europe is into it pretty heavy

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
Been on the road......no, haven't got it. just did the 3rd ISo registration this year for some clients ...one more the week of April 1 and I can stop and breathe....talk about poor planning !!! then I can catch up.
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