To include Context and Interested Parties in Process Map?



Do you think that really add value to include interested parties and context as inputs to the a general process map where are shown the QMS processes?
maybe beside to client or instead of client?, because interested parties include it, having finally only as inputs, Context and interested parties.

Please share your thoughts


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Putting this information will be objective evidence of identification of interested parties. it is good idea not only because auditor should ask for it, but also it would help your organization to know who was and who was not identified as interested party in the past.


Why do it just on the general process map? Why not break it out to individual process designs as well? Not only is that good evidence of interested parties analysis, but it is also exemplary of good leadership, as the interested parties list is being made relevant to process owners, not just a Top Management document (or worse, a document that has been produced just to pass an audit).

I ALSO include some Risk Management within process designs for similar reasons.
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