Tolerance Interval plots in Minitab



I am trying to figure out if 97% of my population fits within the spec limits of 10.2 and 13.8 at 95% confidence.

When I enter my data set into Minitab (see below for data set and process I take), I get an lower bound / upper bound of (10.763, 13.896).
Looking at those results, since 13.896 falls beyond 13.8, it seems 97% of my population does not fall within the spec limits.
However, since 13.896 is very close to to the USL and 10.763 is far from the spec limit, is there a way to find the area under the curve between the two spec limits? I am trying to find somewhere in Minitab where I can enter the spec limits and it tells me the percent conforming under the curve.

I can do it manually by manipulating Minitab to give me the areas under the curve by using one sided intervals but is this the correct way or the only way?
In the figures below, I am looking for C.
curve 1.PNG
curve 2.PNG

Minitab process:
Stat --> Quality Tools --> Tolerance Intervals
Confidence level = 95%
Minimum percentage of population in interval = 97%
Tolerance interval = two sided
Data set (n=5)
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