Tolerance limits for micro balance


We use micro balance for weighing I wanted to determine tolerance limits for whole range of the balance. The specifications of the balance are as below, we measure the weights in carats. Right now we have the tolerance limit as 0.00020ct for the whole range of the balance.We measure up to 3grams maximum and minimum of 0.03 grams on the balance.
Model XP6 mettler micro balance.
  • Capacity (g)6.1.
  • Readability (mg)0.001.
  • Repeatability (mg)0.0008.
  • Linearity (mg)0.0004.
Can please anyone help me determine the tolerance range for the whole range of the balance/ or different tolerance ranges for different ranges of weights.


Starting to get Involved
We have not set tolerances for micro balances as we have seen them to be very sensitive to small enviromental changes.

we only use the micro balances as a comperator between the sample and a certified weight by application of ABBA weighing to determine the difference in weight and calculate the sample weight.

This is more time consuming but enhances the accuracy
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