Tool Control Marking Voiding Warranty


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We are required to have a Tool Control procedure and part of that procedure states tools have to be marked or identified somehow. Some engrave their tools but more and more employees are refusing to mark tools because they will void their warranty on the tool.

Engraving is the most effect given the chemicals and product used here. Metal tags, stickers and sharpie are not effective or not practical.

I checked with some of our suppliers and they confirmed engraving or a permanent marking of any kind may void the warranty. Our Purchaser contacted another supplier friend and another company like ours is running into this.

We have 200+ employees and contractors with some requiring a long list of tools. I sympathize with the workers because tools are a big investment but we still need everyone's tools identified.

It is affecting the FOD program because I am getting tool/FOD turned in because there an increasing number of unmarked tools on the floor.

Is anyone else running into this issue? :confused:


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At a former place of work we had similar issues, the company ended up providing the tools, and to do that they leased them. The leasing company already had them identified, so they took the warranty risk. Twice a year there was an inventory taken, and defective or damaged tools were turned in and replaced. This was a company of 125 production people with numerous tools, depending on the department. You could provide your own basic tools if they were engraved, otherwise they were assigned from the tool room.

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