Torque-Tension Testing on Automotive Parts


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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if any of you know anything about Torque-Tension tests? Our customer has recently asked us to start performing this test on all there automotive parts and we are struggling to figure out exactly what equipment we will need in order to do it... Anyone have knowledge of this type of testing or suggestions? Thanks in advance..:bigwave:


Depending on the size and forces needed, we make Torsion Testing Force Machines - http :// /products/ torsion/ torsion.html - DEAD LINK REMOVED.
Good Luck with your search.
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Inspector625 -

Oh that's great. I always love making connections with Quality people who use our machines. on this Forum. I think it helps to give another avenue for them to make contact and get help or resolve issues if necessary.

If you want to message me your info - company name & where are you located in Canada, I can make sure to send the Sales Group a "bump" or message you back the covering Salesperson's info.

Otherwise - good luck and if I can help - let me know.
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