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TOS (Terms of Service) - Elsmar Cove Forum Registration and Use TOS


Captain Nice
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#1 Forum ToS and General Rules
Revision Date: 26 March 2019

Registration in the Quality Assurance and Business Systems Forums is FREE! HOWEVER - We do insist that you abide by the ToS (Terms Of Services), rules and policies detailed herein. Failure to abide by the TOS may lead to losing your privileges.


a. The Quality Assurance and Business Systems Forums (the Forums) is an actively moderated forum focusing on Quality Assurance, Standards and Business Systems topics. People from ALL countries are welcome. The Elsmar Cove Forums are here for all peoples of the world. The free exchange of scientific and business standards information between people from all over the world has made the Elsmar Cove Forums the first stop for Quality Assurance and Business Standards and Systems information on the internet since January 1996.

b. The Elsmar Cove Forums 'Bulletin Board' is privately owned and operated without any government or other interested party 'behind the scenes' support - financial or otherwise - other than visible standard advertising.


a. The Forums are moderated by a team of international volunteers. Although the administrators and moderators of the Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable discussion thread posts, copyrighted material or other objectionable materials and files off of this forum, it is impossible for us to review every individual discussion thread, post and attachment(s) in "realtime" or otherwise.

b. All discussion thread posts express the views of the post author. The website owner, the Moderators and Administrators, are NOT responsible for the content of any message, conversation post or file attachments. See Responsibilities,

c. We reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any post and/or discussion thread, file attachment and/or any other content (such as pictures) for any reason without explanation.


a. Spamming the forums with advertisements/self promotion is not allowed. "Self Promotion" in posts is *earned* through participation. This includes links in posts intended to drive traffic to your personal website. If you have information relevant to a conversation here on your website, you can copy it here. We welcome your participation here, but this forum isn't intended for self promotion of a person's website(s) or product(s) or service(s).

The Rule of Thumb here is that self promotion (aka advertising) is allowed on a case by case basis (prior permission is required) when a person has 150 to 200 posts (minimum) here wherein they help people here. People who are long time Registered Visitors with 500 or more "helping" posts are pretty much free to do some self promotion, but prior permission is requested with regard to any advertising / self promotion. If you are registering solely to sell your services or products, or to promote your company in any way without prior participation, your post(s) may be deleted or edited within minutes and you may be banned from the forum.

a1. If you are registering to sell electronic/electric or other commercial items or software, your post(s) will be deleted within minutes and you will be banned from the forum. We consider this type of post spam. :spam:

b. Company Representatives - Replying in Discussion Threads: Threads in which your company is being discussed or mentioned -
Feel free to respond to questions about your company/product/services but make your association clear so that people can clearly see that you are 'related' to the specific company, product or service. Please clearly make clear your relationship.

c. HOWEVER - We want content/help with answers in the forums, not just a referral to your web site or products or services. If you want to post an outright advertisement, have a product to sell, a demo or whatever, please Contact Us to discuss. In short, it is not acceptable to post "self promotional posts" in a discussion thread wherein the thread does not already contain posts in which your company/product/services have not already been mentioned for one reason or another.

Elsmar Cove Forum Advertising Information.


a. By agreeing to these rules, you agree that you will not post any content that is racist, obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening or that violate any laws. The Forums are here to discuss compliance to standards, quality assurance and related issues - not partisan politics, sex or religion. We retain the right to delete, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

b. The Elsmar Cove Forums owner believes everyone has a right to post their opinions and experiences as long as they are TRUE. Please - No lies and no 'spin'. If you want to 'sing the praises' of a product you use, by all means do so. If the product stinks, let us know. But, be as specific as possible. Just saying something like "...product X sucks..." tells us nothing and your post will probably be deleted.

c. There are non-professional forums available (such as the Coffee Break forum). Please use these for your general interest discussions. These Terms of Service apply there as well.


a. You also agree that you understand that any posts you make, including any attachments to discussion thread posts, are made into 'The Public Domain'. Neither I, nor you, can make any claim of 'Copyright' ownership of any post or attachments herein - even your own. Posting or attaching a file to a post implies your consent to distribution from this site without restriction. These forums are open to everyone on the internet and are meant to be a resource for exchanging ideas and information - not a source of legal problems.

Site Copyright Policy

If you post in the Forums (this includes attachments to any post) you do not have a right to assert copyright claim(s) now or in the future. We don't assert that we own the rights to posted content, including files attached to posts, and neither can you. This is a free system and my policy is to NOT be a money grubbing type with lawyers at hand, but rather to be a free resource for folks. If the contents of your posts are 'golden' to you, I suggest you post elsewhere or write a book and sell it. If you post here, your question(s) and any and all answers to questions(s), as well as any file attachments you contribute, are in the public domain. The only exception is in the case of authors of books or articles who post them here, in full or in part, to share with the community. In these cases the copyright holder retains all copyright rights.

b. However, you may not copy any post(s) and/or download post file attachments and distribute, or use, or sell them for profit. Doing so requires the express written consent of the person who posted the post and/or file(s) attached to the post, as well as notifying us.

Also see these related copyright policies.


a. Profile Information: You decide what you want, if anything, in your public Profile fields.

b. Prohibited Forum User Names - See this Policy: Forum User Name - Choosing a forum User Name.

c. Multiple Registrations by a person under different forum user names is not allowed.


a. If you are having a problem, or if you have a question, please Contact us.

b. When you see fighting, bickering, potential copyright issues, or any other problems in a discussion thread, note that every post has a 'Report this Post' [ink in the post. Please use it to report problems. PLEASE - Do not start problems in a discussion thread by trying to 'discipline' someone in a discussion thread. LET THE MODERATORS HANDLE PROBLEMS.

By using the 'Report this Post' link, the moderators and I are notified of the Report. We will examine the post within 24 hours from receipt of the report if not sooner. If the Report is valid, the post or attachment will be removed and/or amended as required by the specific scenario.

8. ABUSE OF FORUM MESSAGING (CONVERSATIONS) SYSTEM - PMs (Private Messages - aka Personal Conversations).

Private Messaging (called "Conversations in this Xenforo software) is provided to the Registered members of the Elsmar Cove forum as a service intended to enhance the Community experience. The purpose is to allow for discreet conversations to take place between members outside of the main forum discussion threads. Solicitation, spamming, vulgarity, or harassment of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any member receiving an inappropriate personal message should Report it right away using the 'Report' link in the PM, or the Report Link in each post.

PMs (Private Messages) - PM's are only accessible by those who send and receive them (the sender and the recipient(s)). Private Messages are not intended to deprive the Community of valuable information or experiences which could benefit the entire group. Please do not use private messages if the content of the message can be helpful to others.
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Residents in the State of Florida in the United States are prohibited from accessing and/or registering in the forum of
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