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TOSEBO - a new chapter begins


Strong Bow

Many of you already know, but I suppose a little more description might be interesting to somebody. On March 5th, four families (my wife and I are one of the four) are joining together to puirchase the Camp Tosebo property. We have been working on this deal since last October and are quite excited about the future for such a great piece of property with such a rich history. Some of the future plans:

The Clubhouse will, for now, continue to be rented on a weekly basis, although we would like to consider returning to the B&B operation. That takes an "innkeeper" that we don't have.

We are placing the majority of the 45(+/-) acres into a conservation easement that will protect the property from any future development.
The Boathouse is going to be restored with a new foundation, a new roof, a serious scraping and a new coat of paint. (The "CAMP TOSEBO" will remain on the lakeside facade).

The cabins are going to be re-roofed, re-stained and left as you all remember them for planned "rustic camping" opportunities. The DEW DROP will be rebuilt .

THe HILL will be generally cleaned up and one of the tennis courts restored and the other turned into a basketball court. The LOOKOUT will be restored as it was. We would like to develop and find the hiking trails.

The STAGE got destroyed by a couple of falling trees and we have no plans to rebuild it. THe HOGAN (next to the STAGE) is being torn down.

As part of our investment we are creating five 1/2+ acre lots that are either sold or for sale . At this time two are left. We also have the WELCOME HOUSE and the BEEHIVE for sale. The WELCOME HOUSE is currently used as a rental so it's in very good shape. The BEEHIVE is a beautiful old cottage (some say one of the oldest on Portage Lake) but it needs TLC, vision, and $$ to bring it back.

Dave Wallace



I wish you all the luck. I owned a resort in the UP. It took everything I had. Since you have partners, it should go easier for you. Don't be afraid of work, it is worth every pain.


Strong Bow

Hi Marc
THe lots are $90,000 and include the shared waterfront around the Boathouse. Welcome House is also available for $160,000 and the Beehive is available for $75,000 (bring TLC, but we all love that house). Traverse City is the nearest "major" airport" and it's about 60 miles north. Manistee has an airport - I think they get a daily flight from Milwaukee. Dave


Captain Nice
Staff member
I'm 'sorta' looking for a new place. Really just thinking right now. I was down in Kentucky looking between Lexington and Louisville. Where I live is becoming so built up I'm thinking about someplace else. I would like to be on a lake or river - but you know how that goes.
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