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Tosebo Pictures


Captain Nice
Staff member
As most of you know, I have quite a few Tosebo pictures from folks stored. Unfortunately, they are on a computer here at home (the server you are on now is my 'business' server which I lease from Verio) which I used to keep stuff like that and either the motherboard or the power supply fried last night. The files are safe - the drive was backed up AND I do not believe the drive its self is a problem. My biggest immediate problem is I'm all Macintosh other than that one windows peecee and without a peecee I cannot access the drive or any of the other 4 in and attached to the peecee. I have 5 'useless' drives sitting here... :(

It will be a week to 2 weeks before I again put a computer online here as I want to weigh my options. It was an old computer - not a big deal - but now I have to decide what to do. I want to go the cheapest route because it's not an 'important' computer per se. That will still be several hundred bucks. But - I'm also considering building one to run the house media system. The old computer was OK for audio, but I'm considering video control and output something like a Tivo in which case I'm looking at a thousand plus. I'm a cheapskate so the decision isn't easy.

I'll have something up within a week or two and I'll let you know when I have a computer back online - This is just a brief warning that will not be available for a short period.
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