Tosebo Reading Material



Comic books were the "norm," obtained in the mail from back home siblings - but NEVER parents! They were also purchased at the Onekema Drug Store on Saturdays.

Another popular read was the "True" or "Men's Magazine," possibly purchased by the counselors. True "Pulp Fiction!" Nothing was finer to a 12 year old that the full page picture of "Tina Louise" in her one-piece bathing suit! Or the ads for the Lilly Cynclair catalog!

The couselors were famous for conficating all comic books, then lieing on their bunks reading them! I remember the Sebly brothers laughing for weeks over a "Peanuts" cartoon!

With the camp's set-up, hiding any reading material, as well as "Care Packages" from home, was near impossible! Many a Sunday produced the squeals of the younger campers after finding their latest "Uncle Scrooge" or "Blackhawk" comics missing from beneath their cot's mattress. Cookies and candy seldom lasted longer than the day received.

- Bob "Running Deer" Hausser '56 - '58
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