Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Shortcomings




I am a graduate student and doing my thesis
on Total Productive Maintenance. Does anyone
have any thesis papers or any other information on companies using TPM.

Thank you

Frank Purifoy


There's lots of books around that will give you a reasobale understanding. A good book to begin with is, "Succesfully installing TPM", the author is Hartmann. While not a brilliant book it is a good reference.Best place to look is in

While TPM is a good methodology, one of its shortcomings (in my opinion)is that it does not relate to the bottom line. For instance, if I have a Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of 55% and I improve it to 95%, what does it actually do for the company? Savings should be quantified in some way, preferably in dollar terms and back to return on assetts (ROA).

As a suggestion you might want to structure your papaer around constructing a financial model that identifies levels of improvement from installing TPM into a company.

Hope this helps.
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