Touch Protected Plugs used for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation




I'm new here and I have a general question about electric plug in connectors, used for peripheral nerve stimualtion during surgery. Do they all have to be touch protected? Even if they are not mounted.

Usually the power of those Nerve-Stimulators are about 6 mA by 12 kOhm.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Morph,

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I would suggest that the connectors you mention should definitely be touch proof. The requirements are given in clause of 60601-1 and in the US 21CFR898.

There are connectors that are purposely designed for this role, known as DIN 42802. These come in two types (42802 and 42802-2). The first, for signals away from the body (ECG EEG etc) the second for stimulation purposes.

However, as 'stick on' electrodes are commonly used for stimulation, as well as recording, the use of the first type is quite common for peripheral stimulation, particularly for Evoked Response use.
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