TPM and FORD's Lean Manufacturing Deployment training course same as Toyota's



One of my clients has just returned from a FORD Lean Deployment training course, one of the subjects covered was TPM, the TPM document that FORD has published is almost identical to what Toyota has been using for years. In fact some of the presenters were ex Toyota personnel. From what I understand it will be a FORD worldwide requirement to introduce Lean Deployment (of which TPM is a part)over the coming years...that's the intent let's see how it progresses...

The concepts are sound and easy to understand, in fact their Dock to Dock method can very eye opening if managment want a true indication of their management system..

I'm curious has anyone conducted any DTD studies?

Hermann - 2011

"Dock to dock" crops up in Ford's Q1-2002 Manufacturing Site Assessment checklist. Maybe we should cross-reference to the "Ford specific" thread.


Dear Cove friend,
I wonder if anyone experience Ford Q-1 award? One item in the criteria is about Lean Manufacturing. I would like to know more about lean manufacturing. In addition, regarding Quality Digest Magazine this month, there is one article about Lean Mfg, which refer to SAE J4000. Anyone know about that standard or can provide more detail.
Thank you very much.
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