TQM Implementation in Facilities Department


Yew Jin

Any example for the proposal on implementing TQM in facilities department?


Hello Yew Jin,

A proposal would be to carefully analyze the existing organization to determine the best way to go.

and take care, NOT every employee is happy about changes

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Yew Jin

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If your not going to buy any FM software to manage your site

You will first need to determine what the facilities department is responsible for ( maintenance wise / legal compliance / best practice )

Your starting point would be a planned preventative maintenance document( PPM ) for them to operate to

This document allows the site management to identify when the required services , inspections and examinations are required to maintain a legally compliant state for all parts of the site

attached is a very basic one, but think your will get the idea , then you can decide what Quality process/work instruction should be written to make this happen


  • FM Service Contracts & Maintenance site PPM Rev 2.xlsx
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