TQM, Standards or Configuration Management



Hi everyone,

I have been reading the forum all morning and there are some very interesting posts.

I am about to write a paper on either TQM, Standards or Configuration Management in the context of software quality and I wanted some info...

Firstly, does anyone have any opinions on which I should write about - which I would find the most information on?

Secondly, does anyone have any links to previously written papers etc on any of these subjects... google doesn't seem to be helping much on these topics and I need to write a critical analysis / literature review type paper (the things they make us do eh ;)), therefore, I need to quote lots of people's opinions.

any help/comments would be much appreciated.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Well, I'd write about the one I'm most passionate about. Each one is quite different.


I agree with Marc

Do what most interests you. Nothing more grueling than wasting energy on something that puts you to sleep.

As for reference information--can't help you there. Quality in my opinion has declined so much the last 10 years that the "leaders" we are unable to spell Configyurashion or execute Management, let alone publish anything useful about it.

Good Luck and enjoy it.:bigwave:
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