TQM vs. The flow chart of Product Design (Methodical Design)




Can anyone help me with the problem of the relationship between T.Q.M. methods(i.e. Q.F.D.; Taguchi methods; D.O.E.;Value Engineering; F.M.E.A.;etc.)and the flow chart of product design(methodical design).

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Alan Cotterell

I suggest the relationship between TQM and the other areas you mention comes from the 'act' part of the plan, do , check, act cycle.
To implement TQM without a documented management system in place is futile. The act part of the cycle is, in my opinion, to update procedures to include gains achieved through the TQM activity.
The documented management system should also give policy guidance and allow workers to substantially self-manage.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I'm not sure what you mean. TQM is, as you have noted, a series of tools. You state there is a problem in the relationship of TQM (a series of tools) and methodical design. TQM tools are typically tools applied to in-process scenarios.

Can you explain what you believe the 'problem' (I assume you are saying there is a contradiction between the two) is?


first of all I want to apologize for the misunderstanding. there's no 'problem' indeed with T.Q.M..
The point is I'm studing the T.Q.M. tools, and I read in a book about the relation of these tools with the different steps of the product design.For example, it was suggested to use Robust Design with the "detailed design of the product" or it was the best to use D.O.E. in the confirmatory study. but it was not very clear to me the reasons of it all, so I wandered if there were some books (cheap's better!!)or some web sites to go into this matter!
thank you
P.S. I apologize again for my bad English!
I will improve it. I promise!!
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