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Traceability Studies and Requirements for MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis)



Can someone guide me as to how traceability studies are carried out for various gauges.

All our gauges and micrometers have been calibrated by an external company and certificates have been issued. Do i still have to carry out R&R before initial process capability studies for PPAP submission?


The short answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends on what your internal systems tell you to do and what your customer requirements are. Remember that calibration is not a Gage Study. It is a just a test a to determine if the gage repeats on a standard. A gage study is an examination of your measurment system (gage and personel combined with your process variation) to ascertain whether or not that system can measure your's or your customers characteristics. So generally what your customer is looking for in a PPAP is assurance that your measurement system is adequte to their needs. I hope this helps and wasn't too wordy.
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