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Tracking PPAP On Time Completion using Excel



I want to create a metric in excel 2007 for tracking whether PPAPs were completed on time.
? I have a "start date" a "due date" and an "end date" in same row, different columns
? How could get a “yes” “no” response to whether or not the PPAP was completed in time?


Re: Tracking PPAP on time completion

Make a "Completed On Time" column and use this function

=IF("DUE DATE" = 0, "",IF("END DATE" = 0,"",IF("DUE DATE" < "END DATE","NO","YES")))

Replace both "DUE DATE" and both "END DATE" with the cell location of their corrisponding data.

This will diplay YES or NO depending on if the completion time was before or after your Due date. If it was completed on the due date it will still display YES. If you have empty data in Due Date or End Date it will show blank.

EDIT: It would probably be good to wrap this in an =IFERROR( X ,"ERROR") where X is everything after the = symbol. This will display ERROR if the information in the 2 different cells dont match. (ex. Trying to calulate numbers and text in the same formula or different variable types otherwise Exel may throw back an error message to you if the data is incorrect)
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