Training Available in Spanish?



:bigwave: I was wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to find any quality training or materials available in Spanish? I'm looking specifically for a course taught locally in CT on dimensional inspection in Spanish to help out my quality technician. Interactive CD-ROM's or Web based training in that language would be great as well. It seems that when it comes to quality training there is little to none available to people who speak the most spoken language in the Western hemisphere. Thanks in advance for any and all help in this regard.

Bill Ryan - 2007


I just tried a search of "ASQ en espanol" and there are quite a few listings. Since I haven't had any spanish since elementary school, I have no idea what most of the choices are but maybe you can find something useful. Also, if you are a member of ASQ, perhaps your local section could give you some help (or even headquarters).

Perhaps you could even browse through the Cove Forums main listing and ask some of our "Spanish speaking" members if they could help you out.

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