Training Competency - Job List vs. Job Description vs. Task Inventory


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Hi Everyone, :bigwave:

I'm in the process of developing a process competency on training and I'm having a problem in differentiating the following definitions: What is a Job List? Is it different from a job description? What are Task Inventory? Is it really a necessary to have a list of task inventory?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Hi Jim,
Basically, all I need is how am i going to address Training Competency based on 6.2.2. I surfed the net and find some stuff that a training could have a job list and a task inventory. And that makes me more confused, in addressing this issue. :frust:

I noticed that based on the standard 6.2 belongs to Human Resources, would that mean that the HR Personnel would be the one responsible for Competence, Awareness and training? :confused:

On our case, the training aspect was transferred to QA. Does it mean that we will be the one responsible in addressing the Clause 6.2.2? :frust:

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If memory serves there was a thread with lots of posts very recently on the issue of training and competencey evaluation. Try a search for stuff over the last 2 months and I'll bet you find lots of info. If you have any specific questions then, let us know.
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