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Hi All.

Having recently started work at a large manufacturer I have been asked to train a lot of people on "quality" due to the restructuring of a lot of role on the shop floor.

I want to talk about the quality philosophy / mind set in a high level and hopefully different and interactive way.

A lot of people will think they know quality - but this really is at the granular level and I need them to think differently and wider than theor current day jobs

would anybody have anything similar they have done / ideas ? / suggestions?? :bigwave:

Sidney Vianna

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In my experience, if the leadership of the organization does not understand quality and how they are responsible for it's achievement, any training to the underlings is a waste of time, money and effort.

If leadership does not set the tone and lead by example, quality will not prosper.

So, I would try to engage with the leadership of the site and if they are onboard with the program, they should participate actively in the exercise. As for your question, I always think that the best way to make people understand the broad aspect of quality is to use failures, customer complaints, product returns etc to show how the system failed. If they can relate to the system breakdown, they will be much more engaged with the solutions.

Good luck.
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