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I own a small organisation in Quebec, we are getting security services from the NCI, Quebec. We don't have any security developer to monitor the security performances. I am much interested in cyber security, I would like to know about cyber security in detail. But I am little confused whether to take the training online. I don't have enough time to get regular classes.


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Hi RoneyJames - you could do worse than look through ISO 27002 - Security Techniques. It is the companion document to ISO 27001 which you could, if you choose, go on to be certified to.


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Online courses tend to lend less clout than in-person training, but any training is good. And as Colin says, Get ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 and get to know them.

Also - If someone is currently doing your security, shadow them and ask lots of questions. Make sure you fully understand what they are doing.
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