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Does anyone have any training material for internal auditor requirements. I have been in the quality field for 15 years and have worked in the automotive and aerospace fields. I have done internal audits before, but the only official outside training I had was to the old QS9000. Places I worked before the Lead Auditor would train the internal auditors. Thanks for your help


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Would that satisfy the TS16949 requirements to be an internal auditor.

What does it say in the TS requirements? Since I doubt it says anything about having to go to an accredited course, or that you have to have any "formal training", I'd suggest that you probably can develop your own competency criteria, you can provide training in how to do audit planning, conduct the audit, write a report etc. Don't forget the "tech Spec" and tools requirements - but that's not done in a class room, it's best done one to one or small groups. I don't have the TS requirements in front of me, but from memory, there's nothing which says you can't do it yourself...:popcorn:


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Would that satisfy the TS16949 requirements to be an internal auditor.

Your organization must establish the competency requirements for both the internal auditors as well as the trainer.

However, keep in mind that some customers such as Ford Motor Company have included training requirements in their CSRs. So, if your organization is a supplier to OEMs, check their CSRs for auditor training requirements.

Ford CSR 4.37
Internal Audit (ISO/TS 16949 cl. 8.2.2)

Internal Auditor Qualifications
Internal quality management system auditors shall be qualified as stated below.
Be trained and evaluated in the following areas:
  • The Technical Specification ISO/TS 16949
  • Related core tools (e.g. APQP, SPC, MSA, FMEA, PPAP)
  • Applicable customer-specific requirements, and
  • The automotive process approach to auditing.
And, as part of the training, participates in practice sessions equivalent to one audit day in:
  • Case study audits, and/or
  • Auditing role plays/simulations, and/or
  • On-site audits
Note: Core tools and customer specifics can be taught by company or industry recognized experts/specialists.
  • Or, have conducted at least 5 internal ISO/TS 16949 internal audits during the prior 24 months under the supervision of an auditor trained as specified in the section above.
The audits will need to have covered all requirements of the technical specification and all processes directly impacting Ford part quality at least once over the 5 or more audits.

Internal Auditor Trainer Qualifications

The training listed above shall be conducted by trainer(s) who have themselves successfully met the requirements of this section.
Process and Product audits may be conducted by appropriate process specialists from the affected areas without full quality management auditor training.

Hope this clarifies.
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