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Does anyone use a Training Matrix Software? I would absolutely love to get away from using Excel and managing training requirements manually. I am looking for something where I can input all employee data and required trainings that will help me create training plans so I can coordinate with managers and leads on the trainings they need to do for their departments and when they need to be completed.

Most of our trainings require in-person or hands-on demos so I don't necessarily need the trainings to be computer based via the Software platform (like an LMS) but need it more to track the completion of the training itself.

I was looking at AG5 (Training coordinator - AG5). Has anyone used this before? What other software can you recommend?

We are a machine shop with about 150 employees split between two locations coast to coast in the USA and I am the sole training coordinator. I would really like something more streamlined and automated. Thanks for the help!


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We use Veeva. It's not perfect by any means, but it's miles better than spreadsheets. Most of the issues I've seen have to do with being part of a larger company (the location I work at has 500+ associates), so it may work even better for a smaller group. We use their integrated document management system with their training software.

The two relatively regular complaints I hear about it from our Training people are that any change to a document, no matter how small, requires training everyone who has that document in their training program. Not sure how that works if you don't use the document management side of the software. Also, some reports take a long time to run (but again, the root cause could be the large number of people and enormous number of documents).

Edit: Also, I should say that the company has made several fixes to accommodate our needs. I don't work with the training side of it as much, but I do appreciate a company that makes software for quality management systems being able to continuously improve.

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Hi, I use to have: "Petra". Personal feelings: very good; from business point of view cheap and enough SW for middle sized organization.
You can find them on:

PETRA is a software package for companies to track the level of knowledge acquired by employees. Businesses can use PETRA to assess employee qualifications and plan for future training needs. PETRA software meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16 949: 2016
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