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Training Qualification Matrix for ISO 9001:2015 Audit

I notice in internal Auditing, although we have a specific form for qualification matrix, every department use specific structure for Qualification matrix in our company! I wonder how structure of qualification matrix important for External-Auditor for ISO 9001:2015 is? I mean when one department use one type of form and other use another type, it is impotant for an Auditor? thank you
no I mean Qualification matrix which shows an individual’s capabilities and competence, which are working in one department


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Ah, gotcha. 9001 lets the organization choose how. If an auditor pushed back on that I'd be surprised. I might prefer something more standard but 9001 doesn't have that kind of requirement.


Captain Nice
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no I mean Qualification matrix which shows an individual’s capabilities and competence, which are working in one department
That is a Record if completed - A Training Record. Yes - Records are controlled "documents". The form its self is a "document", a form, and it has to be controlled.


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What is your question about control? Do you mean you don't know how to control it if different departments have different matrices?


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I just happened on this thread while looking for an old one on training records. I've run into the question before about what kind of training needs a specific record and what kind can be grouped into "on the job training." I think a matrix is a good idea, but doesn't that mean that every team needs to have a training/evaluation matrix that can be reviewed by the auditor? How does one audit if there's no record to review? For example if I have a staff of engineers who have to re-train manufacturing personnel every time a design or process changes the administrative work would become overwhelming pretty quickly.

John Broomfield

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Determine the competencies required to do the job well and keep a record of the assessment of those competencies. Your qualifications do not matter if you cannot do the job well.

You could think of competencies comprising abilities, skills and knowledge but all three must be applied to do the job well before one is considered competent.

Bear in mind that the person verifying competence must also be competent to do so.
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