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Brian L

I'am currently trying to draft a generic training record ,but i'am having difficulty in addressing the competency issue. Does anybody have some ideas on this or even a sample training record that i could leaverage from.
Brian L



Like you, I've been thinking about it. My opinion is that competency is determined through the requirements (skills) needed to perform a certain function. Job descriptions show the minimum requirements to fill that position. As long as the person in that position meets those requirements, they are, to me, competent. How anybody can tell a company that they have imcompetent personnel mystifies me. But, then the standard is full of this kind of stuff. They want you to at least look at these issues and determine if you comply. There is, somewhere in the ftp files, generic job descriptions for various positions. I printed them all and was amazed how accurate they were for the positions at my company. Do a search, or Marc can jump in with address. Bottom line: You determine competency, not the standard or your Registrar. JMHO



"having difficulty in addressing the competency issue."

Competency is addressed by evaluating training effectiveness. In this case there are three sources to evaluate; the author of the job description, the trainer and the trainee.
Some basic questions of each:

The author - Are they qualified to write job descriptions? Is the required information conveyed in the job description? Is there quantified data to review for effectiveness?

The trainer - Are they qualified? Is there evidence? Do they use the job description for training? Is there quantified data to review for effectiveness?

The trainee - Is there evidence to show they were trained? Is there quantified data to review for effectiveness?

If the answer is YES to all of the above, then you have the beginnings of an effective program.
If the answer is NO . . .


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In our training procedure we allow for a 30 day initial evaluation period before we begin formal training. This allows us to evaluate the employee's ability to accept instructions,follow directions and perform the tasks assigned, i.e. competancy. At the end of the 30 day evaluation, we begin formal, documented training.

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Brian L

Hi ,
Thanks all for the advice ,
does competency need to be mentioned on a training record at all?,I presume not, but am i right in thinking that some mention of review for effectiveness of training should be on the training record.
Brian L

Fire Girl


Hey! I just got an excellent idea for a training program from Jim (he's from the forum). If you send me your e-mail address I would be more than happy to send you a copy of it. I don't think Jim would be upset. I'm quite sure it will cover the competency issue.

I really don't think they expect you address the competency issue directly. However, your training program should readily show competency in your employees.

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I'm back. As "competence" was the original topic, the Guide 9004-2000 states: "Management (should) consider analysis of both the present and expected competence needs compared to the competence already existing in the organization." This among other "shoulds". "Evaluation of the competence of individual people to perform defined activities." is another one. It is a stand alone section, separate from Awareness and Training. During performance reviews companies evaluate the competency of their people which results in raises, lack of, promotions, suggested performance improvement methods (such as courses), etc..
Sorry, but to question the competency of the author of a job description is a question I don't imagine I will ever hear. In this state, job descriptions are posted for virtually every position. If we choose to adopt those descriptions, I would suggest that they visit the site and question those authors. You determine competency quarterly, annually, etc., and everytime you hire somebody. Additional training, awareness is required and it should be. You can train to your hearts content, but only through routine performance evaluations can you determine competency. The level of competency is not determined, nor can it be justifiably proven that imcompetency reigns at your company, by any Auditor. Why, even he/she may be imcompetent! Again, JMHO


Al Dyer

Does competancy = effectiveness?

New hire:

1:Job description and requirements
3:Monthly review
4:Additional training as required
5:Another monthly review
6:Training certified or expanded upon
7:Yearly review

Is the training effective?

-Are production rates being met?
-Are safety standards being met?
-Is attendance in line with company policy?
-Are suggested training requirements completed?
-Are scrap rates in line with company requirements?
-Is the "new" employee now training the newer people?


Just trying to open eyes.

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